He gets 33 times more web traffic than his nearest competitor.

Small and medium businesses, dominate your local market online.

Two years ago he didn’t show up in search and  had never received a single call from his website.  Today, he’s on the top of search,   and his phone rings all day.


Seriously, you’d love to be like him, beating your competition 33 times over, wouldn’t you?


That’s the goal of smart digital marketing with StudioHOF!


The man in the background is an actor, but the results are real, and could be yours next.

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Click the “Get Started” button and get one free service focused on improving your digital presence just for trying us out.  The free service will depend on what you need most to support your digital marketing efforts.  It might be a video, or Google Maps help, site sementic fixes, or even a free video conferencing camera.

Your Free Gift, like everything you can expect from StudioHOF, depends on our conversation and what makes the most immediate impact for your business.

(web design or redesign not included in free offer)

Pick one thing

What do you want from your online presence?

(Hint… With Studiohof, it’s all about new customers!)

The key to digital marketing success is to meet your future clients where they are already looking, be it your website, Facebook, a forum discussion, or maybe a directory listing.

If you don’t invest in a digital presence to engage with your customers online, your competitor will.

Video is a marketing tool, Youtube is the second most popular search engine. Have you used Youtube videos to answer questions of your prospective clients?

Your competitor either already is or soon will be.

How are you talking to your prospects online? Not everyone likes to communicate in the same way and the Internet is no different.  Communication choices include phone, email, online forms, chat, video, and more.

If you don’t take the time to communicate with your prospects in the way they want, one of your competitors will.

Over half of all searches are done on a phone, and people search on phones differently than on a computer.

When searching on phones, people expect to be able to click on the phone number and have the option to call directly from there. People expect to be given Google directions directly from your contact page, not an address they need to plug in. Also people are more likely to tell their phone to navigate to your business name.

Can your site do all of this? Can you afford to ignore half of the market?

Customers turn to their friends on Facebook for advice. Clients turn to professional acquaintances on LinkedIn.

Did you know that baby boomers are the fastest growing group on social media? Are you reaching them effectively?

If you aren’t, you are only helping your competition.

A prospective client was reading a blog with helpful information or instructions. Was it your blog?

If you don’t believe in blogging and asserting yourself as an expert in your field, your prospective clients will find the help they need from someone else.

People may search “good roofer in my area” or “best bankruptcy attorney near me” Words like “good” and “best” factor into a search, and Google relies on reviews to help answer these searches.  Does Google know your latitude and longitude? Phrases like “near me” or “in my area” tell Google to look for local businesses.  Have you checked your online reputation lately? How do you deal with bad reviews and get more good reviews?

No time for reviews and reputation management? Asking for a review feel a bit cheesy? Did your web team geocode your location? Your competition is doing this.

You aren’t still thinking that just a desktop-based website is going to draw in customers…are you?

It’s a new world!

So Much Opportunity on so many screens

Half of online searches for local businesses are mobile. Most aren’t even on a “traditional” search engine. You need to conquer all access points like smart speakers (Alexa), smart watches, smart phones, and apps, and cater to these platforms. These access points are more abbreviated and concise; not to mention, they are all different. You need the ability to reach out by text, email, chat, or even two-way video.

An older website simply doesn’t meet your clients’ needs. The time has come to get a jump on your competitors through smart digital marketing.

Meet your online customers/clients/patients in whatever media they may be looking for you. It requires more planning, thought, and investment, but online marketing for new clients is not just a desktop website anymore.

Regardless of success if your last effort is over a year old, it’s time to contact us, or you watch your competition get ahead.


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From Our President

Define Online Success for your company.

Take a moment to remember starting your business and marketing for the first time. Forget about your frustrations from the past. Go back to the excitement when you were about to launch your first website.

What were your expectations- not your compromises but your dreams? We are going to work toward those dreams with an experience unlike any you have had with other marketers.

We are not trying to sell you a bunch of stuff. What gets us the most excited is when we hear that because of us, your phone is ringing consistently. We love bringing business to your organization.

We serve clients in the US and Canada. Our specialty is helping small businesses and medium-sized businesses  grow with smart digital marketing. Our best clients serve local or regional markets and care about their clients as much as we do about ours. The most succesful clients are deeply involved in the discovery process ensuring we build a strategy for a phenomenal return on their marketing investment.

Recommit to marketing and growing your business. It’s time to believe again.  It’s time we talk.

The Process

How we make this a “fabulous” experience for you?

We are “pricey” for small and medium business websites because what we do is unique. A website by itself is comparable to a brochure stuffed away in a closet. Your website has to be seen. The developer has to understand you, your business, your clients, and the search engines.

It’s not just “building a website” anymore.


Let’s find out right away if we can be happy doing business with one another. 


We learn about you, your business, your clients, and your competition.

strategy presentation

Based on research and what you tell us, we discuss a plan for getting new clients from the Internet.


Contract and kickoff

We answer your money questions clearly and guide you through the tools we use when working together.


It might be a simple one-page site, or it might be a long-term digital marketing strategy. Let’s get from point A to point B as expeditiously as possible.


Monitor your results, competition, and the market. We will make appropriate adjustments to always optimize the flow of new clients.

Digital Marketing Pricing

Service Packages – a Guideline

Get In Touch

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St. Petersburg, FL 33703

(727) 320-7686

local clients, wherever “local” happens to be, tend to experience the greatest success as StudioHOF Clients.

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