Believe in “The Magic”

To most, the tools the we deploy to bring traffic to your business, through your website and digital marketing is “magic”.   So be it!  It is not up to you to understand webdesign, backlinks, social media, video marketing, or why, or how.

We get it.  No, we are not magicians, but we will create a strategy that draws new clients or customers to your business “as if by magic”.  Leave the hard stuff for us, we’ll leave serving your customers, to you.

Driving Traffic to your online presence.

We focus less today on the idea of a “website”, and look more at your overall “online presence”.  Today business comes from facebook, and tweets, and shared pins on pinterest, and your websites, or a shared video from YouTube.  We have one client that is ALL OVER the front page of search, and doesn’t even have a website!   So how do we drive traffic to your online marketing?

  1.  Search Engine Optimization.

Your site should be written in a way that pays strict attention to every single suggestion the Google Makes when it comes to designing a site for search.   It is ASTOUNDING how many developers do not even know that Google provides an easy to read 32 page guide on how to design a site that Google will index.  Amazing, if you want Google to pay attention to you, shouldn’t you pay attention to how they tell you to do things?

Get the Google Webmaster Guidlines

It is amazing how few ask this very obvious question.  You have invested all this money and time in a website.   What do you want the web visitor to do when they get to your site?  What is there next step in doing business with you.  Why have you worked so hard to put this website in front of the visitor?

Maybe you are looking for an online order?  Maybe its an online brochure, and you want to simply convery a certain image.  Maybe you want them to call you, or to sign up for your newsletter.

If you don’t know what you want them to do, and you don’t make it obvious what they (your visitors) are supposed to do next.. Then odds are, they won’t do it.

Your site needs to be built for conversion.  At the outset, you must understand what you want your visitor to do, and then decide how it is you will encourage them to do what you want.  So Simple….but are you doing it?

This is the part that most people work so hard to get right.   Your website is NOT built for search engines.  Your website is not built to get signups, or phone calls.  Your digital marketing presence tells the world what you are about, what to expect when working with you.  Your business brand needs to be consistent with the message you deliver digitally.  The best website development leaves you saying – wow – you totally understand our business and how we help our customers, or patients, or clients.

Few Web Developers that understand search, also understand presenting your brand.  To few designers that are brilliant at sales funnels, also know how to speak to the character and benefits of your business.  Each aspect of your digital marketing experience is as important as the other.   You must get people to your site, once there, they must identify with you, and your brand, and then they have to take action.   The three legs of the stool, make sure your web developer works with all three.

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