Google+ Profile Creation & Optimization

Google+ makes connecting on the web more like socializing in the real world. In this platform, you can share your thoughts, links, and photos with the right circles.

Geo-location and credibility is very important in Google. As such, we’ll be asking you to provide us with a verified Google Account that we can use to create and customize a Personal Google+ Profile.  In addition, the Google Account you will be providing needs to have pertinent details like your Full Name, Location, and the actual Profile Picture of the account owner. All of these help make the profile more credible.

Once we have the login details for the Google Account, we will create and optimize your profile by inserting target keywords in your “About” tab.

Google MyBusiness Page Creation & Optimization

Google+ expanded its features and it now accepts “Brand” or “Company” based accounts or profiles. This means that business and site owners can now promote and brand their companies within Google+. This may seem like a small change, but one only has to look at the tremendous success of Facebook’s Fan Pages to see why this move is very important for companies and site owners.

While Google+ doesn’t come anywhere near the numbers Facebook has, it does hold one major trump card in its hand—the Google brand itself. On the web, immediately building trust with your potential customers is vital for your overall success. Building a large community via Google+ will definitely help in this regard.

We will be creating and optimizing a Google+ Business Page for your brand or company to increase your website or company’s online visibility.

Image/Banner Customization of Google My Business Page

Similar to websites, your Google+ Business Page needs personality. We will be customizing your Google+ Business Page’s header (the main images that visitors see on top of your profile page) to help you increase the number of your friends in your Circles.

We’ll be asking you need to provide us with the images that we will customize and insert in your Business Page’s header.

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