How could an entire industry have missed Social Covers??

I’m not the sort that’s on LinkedIn every day.  I catch up a couple times a week.   I know, I’m IN THE BUSINESS, but like the rest of you, I have to prioritize!

Imagine my surprise when I went to check on something for a client, and all that beautiful branding that was in their social covers was GONE!

Recently LinkedIn changed the size of their headers, you know, that place to put a picture that takes up “between 20% and 50% of the top of the page!”  That golden gem of forgotten branding opportunity, just got wiped out for Tens of MILLIONS of people and businesses on linked in, and is SQUANDERED by most.

Social Covers

Look how few people have consistent branding in their social covers!

Few see Social Covers (the great looking Headers) as more than a spot to put a random image that reflects who you are.  In fact, most people have different branding to no branding across their social media.   Look at this!   This is the results of a very brief review of Divorce Attorneys’ in St. Petersburg.   The first column is Facebook, the second is Google + the third is Twitter.   Do you see ANYONE with the same branding.  Remember, 20% to 30% of the top of the page will be your FREE branding, gifted to you by the social media provider.  This is your statement to the people that view your page about who you are, what you stand for.

Social Covers are perhaps one of the greatest lost opportunities. For businesses to brand themselves.   Too many are not even USING this free tool.  Most that do, don’t have consistent messaging, mostly I think because each is a different size.  With facebook – what most don’t know is that even if you have a GREAT social cover, it’s does not reformat on mobile.. so your desktop branding looks great, but sometime son cell phones, things get cut off.  Of all people, Facebook does not have  consistent mobile optimized covers.   With over 1.15 Billion (with a B) mobile visitors, and over 80% of ad revenue  coming from mobile…they are incsonsistent with their mobile social covers don’t adapt well from desktop!

Social Covers are the great lost opportunity nobody is talking about.   We look at things differently!  If your social cover is at least 20% and up to 50% of your screen, why not use it for marketing and branding?  Why not Christmas, Thanksgiving, Chanukah, First day of August, International Family Day!   And I know the answer to that question.  Every social media account uses a different size.  Every social media accounts is different when viewed responsively.  No-one wants to spend time in front of a graphic editor trying to get it right, especially if its not what you do.


The StudioHOF Social Covers solution.

Imagine going to a site  (like maybe ??) entering your information in, and getting a free cover, a free cover customized to you, and custom fit for each of the major social media.  We are offering a service, at no extra charge to our SEO clients, and at a nominal monthly fee to our maintenance client (TBD) to give you access to a tool that “does it all” an unlimited number of times throughout the year.  Got an open house.. new social covers.. LInkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, even Instagram!   Time to move into fall…. no problem.   No spending tedious hours reformatting and then testing on mobile.   Your new social covers can be ready in under 5 minutes.

Check out our new Social Cover Website at  If you are already an SEO client, your covers will be ready within the week.






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