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LinkedIn is a powerful way to establish an online identity, build a professional network, and build your business or career. But just like in the real world, it’s important to be action-oriented—and that means allowing your contacts to stay abreast of what’s going on in your sphere. Updating your profile regularly drives traffic to your website and increases your potential to win new business.

You can send status updates on LinkedIn just as you would updates on Twitter or Facebook. These appear right smack at the top of your profile just below your photo. These updates can be commented on by other users and even “liked.” They are a great way to increase your visibility on LinkedIn and should be used regularly.

We will make sure that your LinkedIn Profile is regularly updated.

Groups Joined

Joining a relevant group allows you to engage with your community, develop a focused audience, and deliver valuable content to other group members through actively starting or participating in discussions. This provides you with the opportunity to connect with more people, share industry updates as well as your own thoughts and opinions, and gain important feedback.

Being on top of the hottest issues, topics, and events in your niche can be critical to your business success.

We will be joining groups that are related to your website’s or company’s niche to give you the opportunity to be right where the action is.


LinkedIn Groups are a great way to participate in and add to the conversation, get your name out to others in your industry, and make a ton of related connections that may benefit your business down the road. It’s the perfect way to build a following that can increase traffic to your site and, more importantly, establish your reputation and brand.

Once our request to join a related LinkedIn Group has been approved, we will be regularly participating in that group’s discussions.

Friend Acquisition

Every profile update you make is seen by all your connections, and this can lead to your making even more valuable connections. Connecting with more people means benefiting from shared insights of like-minded professionals every day. The more connections you’ve got, the greater your engagement within your business community–and the quicker your business can succeed.

To ensure that your updates are highly visible, we will be helping you increase your number of connections by inviting prospective friends within or related to your company’s or website’s niche

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