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  • % of searches with local keywords (like city name) 43%
  • % of searches above that result in a consumer action (convert( 86%
  • Googles New Local Pack shows #1 spot 93%

Local business Listing Optimization  (LBLO)

Google, as we all know, is number one in search, and they are incredibly bright as a company.  Google has recognized two very clear facts.

  1. Over 70% of the population in the US use Google to search for local businesses and services.
  2. Mobile/Smart/Internet enabled phones and tablets are growing far faster than any other internet access media (ie. Notebooks and PC’s)

Google is not known for letting opportunity slip away.

  • It is clearly Google’s intent to dominate local search, because there is huge demand for it.
  • It is clearly Google’s intent to dominate mobile phone and tablet, because their is huge demand for it.

Google has a vehicle that helps them to accomplish both, its Google’s local business listing offering.  Google created nearly 50 Million websites using directories from thousands of sources, trying to give every business they could find their own web page.  Google moved all of these listing from Google Local to Google + and now to Google My Business.  These sites or pages are already optimized for search, and are already optimized for mobile devices.   Once the site is “claimed” by the business owner, they can be further optimized to give your customers more information about your business, and to drive up how high the local busines ranks.

Local Business Listings only start with Google, they don’t end there.

Some of the more obvious sources of Local Business Listings include listings with:

  • Microsoft’s Bing
  • Yahoo’s Local business listings
  • YELP
  • Foursquare
  • and literally hundreds of other local services.



The more authoritative and relevant Local Business Listings that your business is registered with, the more relevance your is attributed to your Google listings.  The more relevant your Google + Business Listing, the higher it will show in local search.  Obviously, the higher your business ranks, the more traffic that will be driven to your site and your business.

The amazing thing is, that you don’t need a website to be ranked on local search, you only need the local business listing.  Of course, your website will help tremendously over a local listing alone.

StudioHOF  will do all this work for you, and maintain and augment those listings to get your business maximum exposure, traffic, and customers.


Need Help Showing up on Local Listings?

  • Google My Business?
  • Yelp?
  • Foursquare?

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