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Mobile Website Development

The simplest of truths is that we do  not live in a desktop predominated world any longer.    As a society, we use laptops, mobile phones, notepads, even smart watches, games consoles and smart TVs to access the internet.

If your website does not render well on mobile, it will be ignored, and odds are very high, people are accessing your website right now, on Mobile.  These are business leeds simply… thrown away.  But local digital marketing is so much more than websites!

StudioHOF is located in St. Petersburg, however we service any business that caters to local business, anywhere.   Of course, we prefer development close to home, with the businesses that are our neighbors, but we also have had clients from British Columbia, to Montreal, Boston, even Jamaica.  The one thing they all have in common, they are local businesses.

We prefer that every site we execute for clients supports multiple mobile platforms.  It only makes sense to be visible on whatever screen your next business customer might be using.

There are many ways to go “mobile”, however we will boil it down to 4 main types.


Responsive Mobile Websites

A responsive site will simply reformat to fit whatever screen you are using. There is generally no additional work that needs to be done. Most of our sites will adapt to screen sizes responsively. This is often the least expensive way to be sure you are mobile, but it is not always the most effective. The plus of Responsive is that you have only 1 website – it just displays differently on different screens. The disadvantages are two fold. First, mobile users tend to want “just the facts” and a mobile rendition of the full site might be overkill. The second, is there are simply some things that cannot yet be done on mobile that can be done on a PC, and not all sites can be made responsive.

Dedicated Mobile Websites

These are just what the name implies.  You have a desktop website.  You have a mobile website.  They are separate.  This tends to require a greater investment, but allows you to create a message specifically focussed on the mobile user, and a different message for the desktop user.  Mobile users tend to want “just the facts” and if there is too much information on the phone from a site that is not formatted for mobile, or that is responsive, you may end up losing the customer.  It is impossible to say which format will be more effective for your business, that’s something we will need to discuss.

Mobile Apps for Small Business

A true mobile app is an application that is downloaded from the Google Play Store, or the Apple Store.  It runs on your phone and usually accomplishes a specific task.  Some examples of really good Mobile App uses for local businesses are loyalty rewards cards that are always with you, or table reservations where your phone vibrates when your restaurant table is ready.  Apps are not for everyone, but some businesses that cater to regular customers can find real benefit in them.  Beware though of those selling mobile apps that are nothing more than a mobile version of your website.   There’s a lot of that sort of tom foolery going on!”   Mobile apps are different from mobile websites, you might need one, or the other, or both, thats a part of something we will need to talk about.

SMS (Text) Marketing

Once, my wife and I had pulled into a restaurant on a Sunday Morning, and the lot was FULL.   As we were looking for a parking spot, her phone dinged.  It was a message from the restaurant literally accross the street where we often have dinner, reminding us that they have Bloody Mary Sunday Brunch.   Needless to say, accross the street we went.   Text message marketing happens when your customers give you permission to send them a text.    Bloody Mary Sunday Brunch is a great example, as is a deli sending out a text on their pre-made (home made) meals to their regular clients just before quitting time, so that they will stop by and pick up dinner.  Hmmm… a food theme is setting in, is it dinner time?”   Realestate brokers are another group that can benefit from text marketing, sending new properties to a group of prospects that are looking for specific types of houses.



Text Message Marketing is different from Mobile Apps.  Both are different from  Mobile Websites.  All, the pieces have their place.  Some may make no sense at all for your business.  Your business might be able to benefit from all of them.  ,Which is best?  There is no best, they are all just different.  That’s why you should have already filled out the contact form floating over there on the sidebar!  Lets get together soon.

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