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  • Americans have a profile on a social networking 56%
  • Twitter users now post status updates 76%
  • Internet users are on Facebook 47%
  • % that purchase a product they pinned 80%

Social Media

Social Media for Your Business

Social Media, handled well, drives traffic to your business. Social Media ignored, does nothing. That’s simple.

The world today communicates digitally, and on social media. If you are engaged with your customers, Google can index and track that dialog. That dialog will help you gain new customers through the social media experience. That dialog will also give additional Relevance to the rest of your digital marketing campaign, from PPC through to website, improving your rankings. Improved rankings drive more traffic to your business.

How Does Social Media for Small Busienss Drive New Customers?

Cindy is a client of ours. Her daughter has recently graduated High School. Following tradition, her daughter Kayli had a set of Senior Portraits done. The photographer was incredibly intelligent in how they dealt with these portraits.

The Senior Portraits were put up on the Photographer’s Facebook page as an album. Kayli was sent a friend request by the photographer, so that he could share her photos. She accepted so that she could share her photos with all of her friends. The photographer then tagged Kayli in all the photos of her that they published on their Fan Page. Kayli, being a typical teenager, has over 1,000 friends, many of them family, and friends family. Once she was tagged, her picture appeared on over 1,000 people’s Facebook page wall.

Kayli’s mother, Cindy, being proud of how beautiful her daughter is, and how wonderful the photographs turned out, shared the photographer’s pictures on her wall. Cindy is a significant business person in the Tampa Bay area, and she has over 1,000 friends as well.

Instantly, Kayli’s picture appeared on another 1,000 people’s facebook wall. Of those 2,000 impressions, many people liked the photo..causing it to show up on all of THEIR friends wall. Exploding the exposure of the photographers work to thousands more people.

Anyone that clicked on the picture, was taken automatically to the photographer’s fan page album.

Now, of those THOUSANDS of exposures in a 48 hour period (that a year from now is still going), there was a large percentage of people who were also graduating, or would be graduating next year. They now have a relationship with the photographer. There was a certain percentage that needed other photography services. Who would you trust more as a photographer? The one that happened to show up first on search in Google, or the one that you liked their work because a friend shared it?

That’s the beauty of Social Media. It becomes a painless personal recommendation of services.

More Examples of Social Media Driving Traffic to Local Business

When my wife and I were in a traffic accident, we went to Facebook to ask our friends who had a good chiropractor. When our kids (6 of them) needed a new dentist, we turned to Facebook to ask all of our friends for their recommendations for a good local Paediatric Dentist (and we are very pleased with our choice). We are in the search business, but we trust our friends’ recommendations more than we trust who shows up first on Google.

Every business can find their own unique way to leverage the power of social media. A website that is tightly integrated with social media will rank better than a site that isn’t, all other things being equal. We know this because Google Tells Us So! There’s no guess work here. Google clearly publishes the fact that social interactivity counts towards your ranking.

Simply put, a business that engages their customers in an open dialog on social media sites (of which Facebook is only the most obvious, not the only) is likely to be a better provider of services than someone that is quiet and does not engage their customers on social media, at least in Google’s eyes (algorithms actually).

It astounds us how many businesses throw up a quick Facebook fan page, and leave it totally alone. We understand that most business owners don’t have the time, and are even a bit intimidated about engaging their customers online. However, Facebook gets more traffic than Google. If Facebook were a country, it would be the world’s 3rd largest country. The fastest growing segment on Facebook is the over 55 crowd! Your customers are there. Let us help you engage them, and bring them to your business.

While we have talked a lot about Facebook, Facebook is far from a one size fits all solution. We mention it because it is easiest to relate to.  We use Facebook, Digg, Foursquare, Yelp, Google+ and a host of other Social Media Tools.  Many of our clients take the attitude “It’s just a bunch of kids and a bunch of drama”. The truth is.. it is where people talk worldwide, and locally, about what concerns them. You must be where your customers are. If you aren’t… no worries… your competition is.

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