Internal Report Auditing and Analysis

All Reporting is subjected to a monthly routine auditing and assessment process. We perform this auditing on a monthly basis to assure that all reports are up to date, error free and properly formatted.

The auditing process includes, but is not limited to, the checking of the following:
1. Format
2. Link status analysis
3. 100% of the month’s work is completed in full
4. Report is updated accordingly
5. Fixing of errors or dead links

Work Reports

All tasks will be tracked throughout the whole month and are reflected on the monthly report which includes all progress and final outcomes.

Social Media Dashboard:

With the Social Media Dashboard, you will be able to see the traffic stats of each of the LinkedIn, Facebook and Twiiter Profiles and Pages.

Not only will you be able you see how many followers you have, but you will also be able to view how many times your profile was ‘clicked’, interactions between profiles, etc. Similar to Google Analytics, you will be able to set the dates on which you would like to see your account’s data as well as graphs and numbers to better assess your social networks as a whole.

Social analytics tools are great at answering questions like:

1.  How much awareness am I generating via social networks?
2.  What links are being clicked?
3.  What types of social content are good at generating comments and likes?

Web analytics tools have no clue what’s going on within your social networks, so they can’t help you here. If you want to answer one of these questions, turn to your social analytics tool.

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