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We drive waves of new business to our clients through smart digital marketing.


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Web Design

The Beginning of almost every digital marketing effort, and the hub that your digital marketing revolves around, is a visually appealing, search worthy, and conversion based website.

Search Optimization

The internet is littered with beautiful websites, that see no traffic. Search Optimization creates an environment both on your page, and off your page, that compels search engines to review and rank your site. Few people have the luxury of not needing new prospects to their business.  Search Optimization is one of the key pieces to the puzzle of getting new traffic to your business.



2014 was the year that the global number of mobile users, surpassed desktop users, and there is no turning back.   Mobile users on phones and tablets look at sites differently, they expect different types and presentation of your content.  Meet your customers where they are, and use StudioHOF to make sure your digital marketing reaches your prospect.

Local Business Listings

Totally aside from ads, and organic listings, are the Google Local Pack that displays at the top of search.  We’ve mastered the art of ranking for Local.   Let’s get you ranking as well!

Social Media

Everyday we encounter business owners that don’t like social, don’t do FaceBook, don’t understand Twitter. The fact of the matter is at about 72% of the entire US population, with Older Americans making the fastest adoption. (Pew Research Center).  If you want to attract new customers, it is imperative to meet them where they are.. and that is more and more on social media.

Paid Advertising

Once upon a time, great SEO was enough to drive new traffic to your website and business.  Today, Pay Per Click advertising is often the only practical way to get visitors to your site, and prospects to your business. We generally prefer to drive traffic purely through Search, however paid internet advertising has become more and more effective.

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Is it time to drive new customers from smart digital marketing to your business?

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Web Design

Digital Advertising (PPC)

Content Creation

Citation Building

Search Optimization

Public Speaking

Video Marketing

Competitive Research

Business Consulting

Social Media

Reputation Management

Mobile & Apps

StudioHOF, Local Business Marketing

We drive waves of new customers to our clients through smart digital marketing.

About Us

StudioHOF has one single focus, to drive waves of new customers to our clients through smart digital marketing. 24 hours a day 7 days a week, we have a developer somewhere working on client sites. We merge together the experience of marketing on the internet since before there was a world wide web, the experience of running several of our own businesses, and a network of both employees, and contractors that allow us to consistently deliver on the focus… driving waves of new customers to you… our latest client… through smart digital marketing.


Our focus in on helping local business owners. We consider local business owners incredibly underserved by those with real experience in digital marketing, and preyed upon by rookies that truly don’t understand the industry.  We are engaged on national and international projects, however the internet marketing for small and medium sized businesses are where we apply the bulk of our services.

  • Web Design
  • Business Focus Consulting
  • Keyword Research
  • PR
  • Mobile Websites
  • SEO
  • SEM
  • SMS
  • Mobile Apps
  • Ecommerce
  • Local Business Marketing
  • Pay Per Click
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Blogging


So, show me what you have done!  At the heart of most internet marketing campaigns is the website.  We invite you to take a look at some of our clients’ sites.  More importantly, to take a look at their internet search presence.  Too often we see clients that have purchased beautiful websites, and not had any traffic come to them, because web designers, by and large, are not search people, and search people are not web designers, and neither group understands mobile and fundamental marketing.   Just below, you will see several images of client sites, leading to case studies.  Please, feel free to peruse, come to us when you are ready and certain that is time to drive waves of new clients to your business through smart digital marketing.

StudioHOF Brands

Four Brands, One Company

Dedicated to driving waves of new customers to your business.

Inexpensive Sites

Fantabulous Web

Fantabulous Web is intended for the budget conscious business. Fantabulous Web aims to provide fast beautiful inexpensive webs to those that can’t afford the full treatment yet.   Need something Good Fast and Cheap? Yes you can have all 3.

Local Internet Marketing

4th Street Web

80% of all local business comes from within 5 miles of your business. 4th Street Web is built around servicing local business, any local business, any where. 4th Street Web is an incredibly thorough protocol that consists of both on page and off page digital marketing intending exclusively to drive local customers to your business.

Digitally Disruptive

For businesses with deeply entrenched competition, businesses that are driven to make a huge statement, businesses with the audacity to digitally disrupt the status quo in their industry, talk to us about blowing out all the stops.  Be Digitally Disruptive.

Rainmaker Digital Strategies

When it comes to drawing more clients to your attorney’s website, there is nothing more powerful or effective than a Rainmaker Digital Strategy.   Our Rainmaker Digital Strategy clients can outperforms their nearest competitors 33:1!

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