Web Design For Local Business

We specialize in getting local businesses showing up on the front page of Google Search.

Web Design for Local Businesses

Not Having a Website, In today’s economy, is a clear message that you aren’t engaged with your customers.

An ugly website can cost you customers because it reflects on your business. A beautiful and effective website presence can cause customers to call, because they relate your competence to the quality of your site.
Gorgeous rich compelling design is incredibly important to speaking to and converting your web traffic. The technical underpinnings of your site, the stuff that geeks like us understand, and that the public never sees, will be a large determinant in whether or not your site will ever even get the traffic to view it.
OK, it’s a given, we all need a site as the footing for our digital marketing program. Here’s the secret though…… A beautiful website, that is not well designed, will be punished by Google, and will never appear in search. Worse, a site that has been designed to optimize search, but has no marketing savvy, brings customers to your site, only to have them leave with a bad impression of your business.
It is tragic to us to see beautiful sites that we know people have spent thousands of dollars on, get no traffic, just because they were put together by designers… not by people that also understand how the internet looks for sites.
With the 4th Street Web Agency, you have a blend of all the talents needed to drive customers to your business. Waves of business.

WordPress Installation and Configuration

WordPress is among the best platform for building an SEO-friendly website. The latest version of WordPress will be installed and configured on the web server.

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and Content Management System (CMS) access will also be generated during this phase. If required, additional users for the site’s back-end will also be created. A website’s back-end refers to scripts and applications that are run on the server. The back-end may also refer to the database that controls the user interface.

WordPress Theme Installation

WordPress Themes depict the layout and the graphical interface of the site. An appropriate WordPress or Joomla theme will be installed for the site depending on its purpose or function to the company it represents.

The selected theme will also be compliant to SEO standards.

WordPress Blog Setup and Configuration

A Blog helps circulate content and divert more traffic into your site. WordPress and Joomla are the most powerful blogging platforms today.

The WordPress (or Joomla)  blog will be incorporated to the site. The blog will be completely configured with useful widgets, post categories, and SEO options. For best results, the blog will be integrated into the site and will be given its own directory (eg. /blog/).

Effective Web Design!

  • Web
  • Mobile
  • Social
  • Search Architected
  • Fast


Web Design

Web Design

Web Design  –  Designed to show off your business, and convert visitors to customers.
Great Images for Websites

Image Sourcing

Effective Images Can make all the difference delivering your message.
Social Engagement for Local Websites

Social Engagement

Use Multiple Social Engagement Strategies to engage your visitors, and reach their inner circle, and  build search presence.
Website Semantics

Website Sematics

Adhering to proper Website Semantics, assures that web vistors consume your message, and Search Engines Rank your page.
Webmaster Console

Webmaster Console(s)

From Alexa Site Verification, Bing Webmaster Tools, and Google Search Console.  To get traffic love, we join their ecosystems.
Firewall your Website

Website Security

From SSL Certificates to Software and Hardware Firewalls, Security keeps your site live, & avoids penalties.
Website Design

SiteMaps And Structure

Intelligent WebDesign, and accurate sitemaps support both web visitors, and search visibility.
Website Speed Enhancements

Site Speed

Website speed has become increasingly important, hand in hand with the importance of mobile friendly sites.   Our websites all reside on the Google Cloud for optimum speed.

Website Semantics

Website Semantics Proper Use of Semantics helps Search Engines know what is important Proper Use of Headings Tells the website Visitor what is important Website Semantics are like a set of punctuation and grammar rules, but for the web. Headings are used form...

Contact Forms, CRM, Email Marketing & Newsletters

Contact Form Configuration The Contact Form is the main tool for converting a casual site visitor into a valued customer. A fully functional basic contact form will be crafted based on the pertinent information provided by  you. Forms Application Installation - Up to...

EMail for your website.

We strongly prefer that our clients make arrangements for their email services though one of the national email providers, like Outlook online, Gmail, or others.  They will be able to give you email through their service, with your own domain name.  (bob@myname.com)...

Mobile Ready Websites

Mobile Friendly WP Admin Interface Plug-in Plug-ins are tools used to extend the functionality of the WordPress platform and are only applicable to self-hosted blogs and web sites using the WordPress.org software, or the Joomla.org. Mobile Admin adapts the WordPress...

SEO Plug-ins and Optimization

301 Redirects Plug-ins are tools used to extend the functionality of the WordPress or Joomla platform and are only applicable to self-hosted blogs and web sites using the WordPress.org or Joomla.org software. The Simple 301 Redirects plug-in provides an easy method of...

Footer Design Optimization

Footer Navigation The Footer is the final piece of content located at the bottom of each web page. Footers can be used to effectively convey important information through Footer Navigation. Having a properly optimized footer navigation feature also enhances the...

Graphic Design & Mockups

Using keyword-optimization and alt text on images: Images play a big role in graphic design. Adding images to the blog article makes sure that the readers are engaged and have a visual to look at as well as text. Every image is carefully selected to fit the article...

Web Content Uploading

The Content of your Website Our goal at Studiohof is to get your website top ranking in the searches. In order to do that, we have to work with a system within your content. You give us your content, which is what you want your website to say. You have two types of...

Website Installation & Configuration

WordPress Installation and Configuration WordPress is the best platforms for building an SEO-friendly website. The latest version of WordPress will be installed and configured on the web server. File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and Content Management System (CMS) access...

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